Want to  FIX The Chrysler 2.7L V6 Dohc engine?

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for vins R, U & V
NOW Reduce probability of broken timing chains, bent valves and chain backlash.
This engine finally has a positive -proactive force against back lash and related engine part failure.

Confidently rebuild or Confidently restore.

Please see these Pictures- primary tensioner failure,                              

primary tensioner failure with Stop Block installed,

front view,   side view, side view
Can be used with both styles of  tensioners:  plunger-screw in type & base, bottom plate (bolt in)
Broken timing chains, bent valves and bad expensive worn tensioner replacement -does it sound familiar
Rebuild with confidence
We help fix this 2.7 Chrysler Engine immediately
and prevent-premature,chronic, same re-occurring  incidences with our exclusive patent pending

guide rail stop block.

Insurance policy product for
New & used car dealers
Engine rebuilders & machine shops
Garages and service centers
Water pump manufacturers
End users, diy, anybody with this engine!
Why timing chain brakes, why do my valves bend, etc..
Poor oil flow to primary tensioner plunger
Cold starts , no oil pressure
Rebuilding- don't roll engine backwards-don't worry any more
AERA-engine rebuilding-if proper techinique not followed valves will bend at start-up (not with the stop block)
Oil changes help, but donít solve chronic plunger failure
As one person in the chrysler complaint forum said
"the timing chain on my 1999 inteprid broke and the repair shop is quick to sell
me a rebuilt motor, does the 2.7L engine always self -destruct or this hope to fix it inexpensively
1.6 hours to install the guide stop block- assuming qualified mechanic
This Revolutionary stop block will fix 70 percent of valve failures due to the primary tensioners lack of oil pressure
and primary tensioner plunger failure to chain rail / preventing back lash.
The primary tensioner main guide will hit the guide stop block, preventing valve & chain failure & related products ie;
It also prevents valve jumping due to runner failures!
Many problems have been noted and discussed regarding oil passages, oil changes, gumming, etc..but
all this oil pressure required is directed to the primary tensioner-plunger, which the guide stop block addresses- when poor-inadequate pressure is applied to primary tensioner - giving the consumer time to fix before a complete engine failure.
Most people like the styling of these small Chrysler-Mitsubishi V-6 2.7L power-horses, We do too.
Our guide stop block can remedy many problems now and help prevent costly re-occurring re-builds
See these Pictures- primary tensioner failure,                              

primary tensioner failure with Stop Block installed,

front view,   side view, side view
The guide stop block has prescribed .040 - 050 trimming marks depending on your aging of your engine parts
Material specification is PSC nylon 6/6 660-Polyamide 66 Additive-lubricant, Features-lubricated-Temperature rated DTUL @ 66psi-Unannealed -410 degree Fahrenheit- Test method ASTM D648.  Stop Block is injection mold with aluminum bushing molded integrated.

There are 2 different part#'s:  sb1u  (for used chains) modification maybe required

and part#  sb1   (for new chain and tensioner)


Direction for installing 2.7L guide stop block
The 2.7L backlash elimination kit is designed for all Chrylser 2.7L engines
The 2.7L guide stop block is oversized and to made trim to fit. This is done for variations in chain size that are
made possible do the stetching of, or installation of, new chains and gears.
The guide stop block installs directly under the main-primary tensioner. To install remove the right hand valve cover (viewing from rear of engine) and tensioner, Keep pressure on on the guide to prevent the chain from moving.
Then simply remove the two small front head bolts. Bolt the guide stop block to the head using the two new bolts
supplied in your kit. For more assistance - See http://www.fix27engine.com
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